RenovatingHope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Our mission is to honor American heroes by providing home remodeling and repair solutions to service members and veterans with injuries.


Renovating Hopes goal is to grow to a point where every injured American service member and veteran homeowner has a home that is adapted to their unique needs, and one that their family will be proud of.

Were both national and local

While we provide home remodeling and repair solutions to service members and veterans across the United States, each project has a very local footprint.

When we begin a project, we seek to partner with local builders, suppliers, organizations, officials, and volunteers to create a network of support from within each service members or veterans own community.


With every home renovation or repair project, we bring together a group of professional contractors that have the skills and experience to provide long-term solutions to our service members and veterans housing needs.

And our partners provide funding, building supplies, and volunteers that help us to reach out and help service members and veterans across the United States.

The results are quality home remodeling and repair projects that are adapted to each service members or veterans unique needs. Projects that not only renovate their living spaces, but environments that help to renew their lives.

Paul S; Hoffecker

Paul S. Hoffecker
Founder & Executive Director, Renovating Hope

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Paul Hoffecker has devoted himself to helping U.S. Veterans and service members lead better lives.

Mr. Hoffecker’s career spans a history in healthcare administration, commercial and remodeling construction, senior project management, and consulting.

Mr. Hoffecker has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration from Eastern University and was a past registered nurse and paramedic.

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